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This is my online resume.  My resume in .doc format is available upon request by potential customer using the contact link emailing me.    Thank you for your interest and time in seeking my resume.

Curriculum Vitae for Marco Aurelio Charry Diaz    -  


 PETROLEUM ENGINEER: cand. Msc Economics with oil industry experience held positions in Drilling, Completions, workover.  I have commitment of working with protecting of Health, Safety, and Environment as Team player with Oil & Gas operators companies, multicultural organizations and world class oil projects.  Provide strong leadership as the project’s representative for the operation of the drilling rigs or work-over units.  Execution at the rig site, or support from the offices with overall management and actively utilize the Team’s expert knowledge to plan, prioritize and resolve operational problems to achieve the project’s objectives safely and efficiently

 Statement experience:  Drilling, completion and workover operations of 181 oil wells.

 Operational execution of extended reach drilling with horizontal hole sections and application of  Directional drilling tools with last generation of technology.   The daily management and prioritization of an active drilling operations group: supervise engineering, operational, administrative, commercial and contractual planning and activities.

  • All areas relating to well planning, well operations, commercial and contractual work scopes,materials planning and readiness, personnel issues including skills development, HSE performance, goal setting, and performance review/benchmarking aimed at improvement.
  • Setting of goals and performance targets for drilling team, monitoring the efficiency and effectiveness of the operation and initiate improvement programs where required.
  •  Project management experience, exploratory onshore projects. 
  •  Supervised at a time, 4 Drilling Rigs, onshore operations. 
  •  Well operations experience with Drilling, Completion & Workover, and onshore projects.  

 OIL FIELDS / BLOCKS :  CPO-10:   PASTINACA, CUSUCO -  CASTILLA,  CHICHIMENE,    Total of 35 high angle, horizontal wells drilled.  Wells profile:  Drilling depths 10500 ft MD; 9,000 ft MD; 7300 ft MD. drilled Horizontal wells with 3000 ft hole sections. * Directional  drilling and high angle wells, cluster locations.

 OIL FIELDS / BLOCKS :    OCELOTE, SAN FRANCISCO, LA CAÑADA, VALDIVIA, BEVEA, GUACHIRIAS, PAYOA, CORAZON, LA SALINA.    Wells profile:  Drilling depths 10500 ft MD; 9,000 ft MD;  3,200 ft MD;  5,200  ft MD.  Horizontal wells with 3000 ft hole  sections.  Workover Wells depths to 11,500 ft MD.    Directional drilling and high angle wells, cluster locations.

 OIL FIELDS / BLOCKS :    TISHREEN, OUDEH, SHEIK MANSOUR.  Wells profile:  5,100 ft MD - 3,500 ft  MD.   Directional drilling and high angle wells, cluster locations.



  Wells profile:  depths 6,200 ft MD - depths 3,100 ft MD.   Directional drilling and high angle wells, cluster locations.  


 OIL FIELDS / BLOCKS :    GIGANTE, CAMPO RICO A y B, y Exploratory Blocks APULO, VUELTA LARGA.  Wells profile:  15,500 ft MD – 11,575 ft MD y 14,300 ft MD.

  OIL FIELDS / BLOCKS :   Golconda, Cupiagua, Cusiana.   Wells profile :  Depths 15,500 ft MD – 16,000 ft MD.



  • 1999 Javeriana University Post-graduated: (Cand.) Master in Economics

  • 1994 U.S.C.O. Petroleum Engineer.

  • IADC Wellcap e53964 13 Dec 2007 to 12 Dec 2009

  • Visa 78563842 (USA) 27 May 2005 25 May 2010

  • Passport 12233326 22 Feb 2007 22 Feb 2017.  

Languages:   English Fluent knowledge /  Spanish Native language


* “Design of Production test for exploratory drilling wells on Matambo and Campo Rico blocks” Mentor of Thesis in    Petroleum Engineering, University of America, Nov / 2003.

 * “Analysis of drilling parameters on Gigante Well to improve timing on future wells”. Director Mentor of Thesis  in Petroleum Engineering, University of America, Nov / 2002. 

* “Classic Spiralling with a Neyrfor turbine”. Article published DOWNHOLE TALK,BP world-wide magazine, Issue #     82,September 1998.  

*“Evaluation Seudo-components on Formation Damage in San Francisco Oil Field Shell-Ecopetrol Association”.   Thesis in Petroleum Engineering, U.S.C.O University 1994.  

* IADC Well control certification, Randy Smith.   

*  Drill String Failure Prevention, T H hill Assoc. Inc.   

*  Drilling Fluids to customers, MI Fluids. Principles Directional Drilling, Baker INTEQ.     

*   Directional Drilling, Sperry-Sun.  

  Stimulation in oil wells. Halliburton.   

*   Open hole logging seminary. Halliburton.

  Sand control, Baker.

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