Experience in both at the offices and wellsite locations, with multicultural personnel and readily adapt to different cultures.

Involved in a world class oil wells operations with BP projects Cusiana & Cupiagua oil fields, drilling development with active 14 drilling rigs of 3,000 HP capacity.   Then working in the initial workover team.     By the other scale of projects, worked for Oil & Gas small operators as Petroleum Engineer planning well interventions, production enhacement on Gigante Field.  Then leader of drilling project of exploratory prospect Campo Rico-1 well, cost optimization achieved and discovery a new oil field. 

Drilling Coordinator with 4 active drilling rigs in active drilling oil wells,  working for OMIMEX LTD (present MANSEROVAR with SINOPEC investments).     A drilling campaign over 3 oil fields of heavy oil; planned wells in cluster system (7-8 wells from same surface location).   Successful goals achieved with 54 oil wells drilled.

Expatriate Petroleum Engineer for international project with Canadian oil investor "DUBLIN International Petroleum (Syria) Limited, in a world class heavy oil development at Syrian Arab Republic.  The job duties initially on Drilling planning, then moved to Workover operations, and finnally promoted as WS superintendent. 

Recently working as Drilling consultant for several Oil & Gas operator through different geology assets in Colombia.  These overseas organizations from USA, french, and spanish capital investors.

Through the different projects and targets:

  • Monitor review and approves the rig operational programs.
  • Evaluation of well programes related services, to ensure that operations are   programmed in a safe, cost effective manners.
  • Ensuring application of technology in a safe way, maintaining the established standards and  work program requirements.
  • Follow up of leasson learned and recommends specifications for Drilling & Workover operations and associated services when applicable.
  • Carried out related duties such as ensuring effective introduction of new technology, preparing special reports.
  • Initiating personnel actions covering recruitment of new employees.
  • Conducting meetings with other deparments and deputizing for the Drilling / Ops Manager when required.

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